How to use

FUR-EEL® PRODUCTS - Pro tools for car detailing.
Our products are specially designed for Professionel car detailing so you can save your valuable time & money.

  1. Click on the product – and see the video, follow our instructions.
  2. Ready to use your FUR-EEL® PRODUCT – Go!


FUR-EEL® PRO removes stubborn dirt like f.e animal hair, sand , grass fast & efficient. FUR-EEL® is specially designed for Proffesional car detailers, which wants to save their valuable time & save money.
FUR-EEL® PRO is the worlds fastest animalhair remover. Up to 5 x times fasterthan existing solutions, save electricity and reduce your carbon footprint – sold to more than 100.000 satisfied customers, which wants to save time and Money when cleaning cars interieur.

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