Our history

Haarbold was established in 2017 by the succesfull Entrepreneur Allan Sørrig Dodt.

As an avid animal lover, he has always been and is always busy freeing his environment of animal hair. After an unsuccessful search for working tools for the removal of animal hair in the car and in the apartment, he started the development of his own product.

This led to invention of FUR-EEL® PRODUCTS, which targets profesional car detailcenters and is among others developed together with Tom Smith, Buffbrite our American Distributor.

Together they designed FUR-EEL®, a tool which removes animal hair and stubborn dirt 50 – 75 % faster than existing solutions on the global market. It solves one of the biggest problems every pet owner or shop has to deal with. Time is money and FUR-EEL® PRODUCTS is the knock out push to this age old issue!

FUR-EEL® PRODUCTS are continuing their marketsucces globally and are sold to a growing audience of Professional cardetail centers around the world.

Watch the video about the background of FUR-EEL® PRODUCTS:

Our team

Hans Voigt Eriksen

CEO – Partner

Allan Sørrig

CTO - Founder

Linh Dinh


Thomas Knudsen

Distributor - CEO Impo Trading A/S

Jacob Leth-Espersen

Design & development - JLE Design®

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