Detailers Kit

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How to use

Detailers Kit  is a comprehensive concept that gives you a time saving in professional car cleaning of up to 70%.    Remove stubborn dirt, e.g. animal hair, sand, grass – efficiently and lightning fast. The Detailers Kit is specially designed for professional car preparation so that you can save valuable time and energy. The World’s Fastest! Up to 5 x faster than existing solutions, save power and reduce CO2 emissions – Sold to more than 100,000 satisfied customers who want to save time and money on interior preparation. Easy to use – Everything what you need as a professional car detailer – follow our instructions and you’re good to go. With FUR-EEL® PRO, you’ll experience time savings when professionally cleaning cars. Our unique patented design from Denmark is based on friction instead for motor power from the vacuum cleaner.

Functional & compatible. The FUR-EEL® and Fang™  adapter fits directly on vacuum cleaner handles Ø32 and ø38 mm socket.
We generally recommend using our  Viper™ hose where a Vario adapter is integrated and can be connected to vacuum cleaners ø32-41 mm.
Vario Maxx adapter can also fits vacuum cleaner hoses up to ø50 mm.

Recommended by Professional Car Detailers. See our testimonials.

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