Hammerhead ™

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How to use

Hammerhead™ is perfect for larger surfaces such as car mats, seats and trunks. The product is extremely durable and a great supplement to FUR-EEL® PRO.

Hammerhead™ removes stubborn dirt, e.g. animal hair, sand, grass – efficiently and quickly. The product is specially designed for professional detailers to save valuable time, power and reduce CO2 emissions.

Our unique patented technology is based on friction instead of engine power from the vacuum cleaner. Functional & compatible. Hammerhead™, like Fang® , has a good ergonomic grip and fits directly onto vacuum cleaner handles Ø32 and ø38 mm sleeve. DANISH DESIGN. Developed and produced in Denmark.

We generally recommend using our Viper™ hose where a Vario adapter is integrated and can be connected to vacuum cleaners ø32-41 mm.
Vario and Vario Maxx adapter can also be purchased separately.

Recommended by Professional Car Detailers. See our testimonials.

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